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“We will strive to be a company that contributes to all of our customers, employees, and society.”

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GP Inc. was established to provide the most optimal solutions and services to meet various environment and needs of customers with optical communication module, RF power amplifier module and LED module products.

We have made every effort to advance the future IT industry and to advance the digital era, from the direction of the IT industry as a whole to the steady development of technologies to provide optimal solutions that meet the various environments of our customers.

As a company trusted by society, a company providing dreams and hope, and a small but valuable company, we promise to do our best for customer satisfaction and for the benefit of our shareholders.

GP Inc. will be the strong support for the broader world and the bigger dream at the center of the future. With “High Technology” and “Total Service Mind”, we will do our best to satisfy our customers.

CEO Jun-hee Park


‘High Technology’, and ‘Total Service Mind’
Growing Stage (2020~) Take-off Stage (2015~2019) Preparation Stage (2011~2014) Establishment Stage (2009~2010)
  • - Mass Production of 100G Optical Module
  • - Mass Production of Military RF Power Amp.
  • - Diversification of Flexible LED Modules
  • - Delivery of X-band RF Power Amp. Sample to HanWha Thales
  • - Production Start of Optical Communication 100Gbps ROSA
  • - Production Start of Flexible LED Display “LEDORNA”
  • - Changed company name from LED Pack Inc. to GP Inc. in January 2015
  • - Mass Production of PD TO for LIGHTRON
  • - Mass Production of 405nm LD Module for Industrial CTP Printer
  • - Certificate of Venture Company “Cert. #-20120400324”
  • - Establishment of R&D Center “Cert. #-20122101149”
  • - Certificates of ISO 9001:2014 and ISO 14001:2014
  • - Establishment of LED Pack Inc. in May 25, 2009
  • - Development of Flexible LED Module & Business Start
  • - Contract of more than 30 Technical Development Services with ETRI
    (Korea Government R&D Institute)


GP INC is a company that contributes to both customers and society.

Company Organization

GP Inc’s head office and production facilities are located in the advanced industrial zone of Daejeon.



32-10, Techno 7-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, South Korea, 34029