General Photonics: MZM driver module

10 Gbps NRZ Medium Output Voltage Driver (GV-DRV)

The GV-DRV is a high-performance versatile driver module designed for 2.5Gbps up to 12.5 Gbps data transmission with NRZ or RZ format. It exhibits 28 dB gain and can deliver an output signal up to 9 Vpp.

The GV-DRV-5 is a key component to obtain high quality 2.5 Gbps up to 12.5Gbps eye diagrams with low rise and fall time, low jitter and high SNR.

It operates from a single power supply for safety and ease of use and offers gain and cross point control.

The GV-DRV comes in a compact 53 mm x 25.6 mm x 11mm metal housing with K type RF connectors (female in, male out) and with optional monitoring output pin.



  • Output voltage up to 9 V pp
  • Linear amplifier
  • Flat gain up to 12 GHz
  • Single voltage power supply
  • Low group delay variation
  • LiNbO3 modulators
  • 12.5Gbps NRZ and RZ
  • OC-192 SONET / SDH
  • Research & Development
  • Monitoring output

Cut-off frequencies50k-12GHz
Output voltage0.5-8.5Vpp
Saturated output power--23dBm
Added Jitter-850-fs
Rise / Fall times-14-ps

* Measurements for V bias = 12 V, V amp = 0.1 V, V xp = 0.1 V, I bias = 300 mA